Town and Tour Activities

Town and Tour Activities

Visiting Los Pargos, Guanacaste

Los Pargos is a quiet coastal town with an international community. Dirt roads wind through jungle and farm land to the well known Playa Negra. There are just enough shops, restaurants and small hotels to provide the conveniences you need without turning this gem into a tourist trap. If you stay in our cabinas, you will have the onsite cafe and restaurant to enjoy, and also be walking distance to the beach and town center.

Surfing Playa Negra

With no shortage of consistent waves and surf breaks scattered throughout the region, Playa Negra is Los Pargos’ home break. This dark sand beach holds a reef break making it ideal for the intermediate as well as the expert surfer. The pristine beaches of Playa Negra are dark-colored and rocky in many parts. For sun-bathing and swimming there is a stretch of sandy beach 50m south of the famous break that is great for the beginner surfer as well.

Playa Negra is unique in that it breaks on all tides, picks up most all swell directions and holds almost any swell. It is the area’s swell magnet, therefore super consistent. Playa Negra is the first to pick up swells and hold them the longest; a surfer’s dream.

Visit our cafe before or after your session!

Activities In Los Pargos

  • Boat Trips – Surf or Fish​
  • Snorkeling
  • SUP Tours & Rentals
  • Yoga – Check out our Yoga Retreats!
  • Surfboard Rentals & Lessons ​
  • Horseback Riding
  • Massage
  • Canopy Tour & Zip Lining
  • Mountain Bike
  • Waterfall Hike
  • Volcano Tours

Stay at our cabinas and we’ll help you book activities!

Art & Music

Corazon de Los Pargos is largely inspired by music, art, and culture. Live music at Corazon de Los Pargos was alive even before the first trench was dug and will always provide the heartbeat to our space. Through our community center, we sponsor local children to pursue their musical talents, offer music classes, traditional dance classes, and Chorotegan ceramics classes.

Elise Debes
In June 2016, Elise graciously added the first color to the walls of Corazon de Los Pargos.
Elise Debes currently lives in Laguna Beach, CA.



Tukana Dalton
“El revolucionario verdadero esta guiado por grandes sentimientos de amor.” – Ernesto (Che) Guevara. In July/August 2016, Tukana Dalton painted this masterpiece, which embodies the essence of Corazon de Los Pargos and, in her words, “the nature of strength for positive change.”

Tukana is originally from Scarborough, Western Cape, South Africa, and currently resides in Willington, New Zealand.

Community Center

The Los Pargos Community Center offers periodic dental/medical clinics, first aid courses, and movie screenings. Current projects include a Chorotegan/Pre-columbian ceramics course, Surfrider Foundation Coffee for Clean Oceans project, Wildfire Prevention project, and Natural/Organic soaps project.