Natural Costa Rican Coffee

Natural Costa Rican Coffee

100% Natural Costa Rican Coffee

Our Mountainside Plants

Café Corazón is 100% natural coffee, sourced directly from our sustainable hillsides in Zona de Los Santos, Tarrazú, Costa Rica – a region famous for its high-quality coffee.

Café Corazón is dedicated to healthy watersheds and conserving precious wildlife.  A watershed is a geographic area in which rainfall, streams rivers, lakes, and other sources of water drain to a common body like the ocean.  Maintaining healthy coastal watersheds is critical to clean ocean water.  In Costa Rica, agriculture and livestock practices are a primary contributor to watershed pollution.

Café Corazón represents an ecological counter movement to quantity-based coffee practices.  We pride ourselves on shade grown agroforestry systems, organic compost, carbon ash pesticide, recycled water separation systems, and naturally sun-drying our coffee so it reaches your cup with authentic flavor, zero additives, and all the health benefits of natural coffee.

  • Our coffee plants are fed by naturally decomposing fruits, flowers, wood, and seeds from hundreds of species of trees. We do not cut trees to reap a larger harvest.
  • We work with native species of coffee plants. The same species that originally gave Tarrazu its fame for taste and cup quality. We do not use much larger, genetically modified, species that have become commonplace.
  • We have underground fires burning on our fields and use the natural carbon ash if harmful pests or fungus infect our plants. We do not use toxic chemical pesticides.
  • Our coffee beans are separated by gravity and a recycled water system after harvest. We do not use wasteful separation systems.
  • Our coffee is naturally dried under direct sunlight. We move the coffee on mesh beds by hand for 16 days. We do not employ motorized heavy machinery to quickly dry and process coffee. Fermented waste from this process produces toxins, which contaminate nearby rivers and oceans.

Responsible practices make strikingly observable differences in our local ecosystems and communities. At Corazón de Los Pargos, we sincerely thank you for directly supporting this movement and continuing to grow conscious environmental and social practices. Read more about our Philosophy of Sustainability.

Always Fresh Roasted

Cafe Corazon is stored green after our March harvest and is always fresh-roasted upon order, which brings out the freshest natural flavor and maximize health benefits. Unlike washed coffees, our coffee will pick up flavor notes from neighboring fruit and flower trees, depending on each plant’s micro-lot. We have hundreds of species of trees and plants surrounding the coffee, including cinnamon, banana, plantain, avocado, orange, hydrangea flowers, and berries just to name a few.


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