Philosophy of Sustainably

Philosophy of Sustainably

Philosophy of Sustainably

The Seven Generations Principle

Sustainability is the idea of employing resources sensibly to prevent a compromise on the needs of future generations. Our philosophy is based on the Seven Generations principle from the Constitution of the Iroquois Nation, whose Great Law held it mandatory, in every deliberation, to consider the impact on the seventh generation (about 140 years into the future) and decide whether the decisions made today would benefit their children seven generations into the future. Applying this principle to the agriculture industry, the natural resources involved in crop production should be evaluated and utilized in a manner shown to be sustainable for at least seven generations.

Sustainability is not an easy goal to achieve. For example, when considering environmental sustainability, biodiversity should be put ahead of profits. It is important to allow natural ecosystems to thrive in order to support biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and reduce the need for chemical inputs.

In alignment with sustainability missions, our project promotes not only conservation of natural ecosystems in Costa Rica’s coffee mountains, but also conscious socio-political and health practices. We aim for flourishing biodiversity by respecting and protecting natural ecosystems first and foremost; ranging from birds to bees, soil micro-organisms to river ecosystems and oceans. We reject the idea organizations must sacrifice some principles of sustainable growth in order to earn profit in today’s marketplace.

Our Mission

Based on the principle of sustainability, Café Corazon is dedicated to healthy ecosystems at our coffee’s source, clean watersheds, and wildlife conservation. Our mission is to empower local farmers and communities so they have the option to choose natural and sustainable systems, which benefits the health of all life from farm to cup.

Our Action

Café Corazon strives to protect precious natural resources for the health of future generations. We represent a counter movement to quantity-based agricultural practices. We pride ourselves on shade grown agroforestry systems, organic compost, carbon ash pesticide, and recycled water separation systems. We naturally sun-dry our coffee so it reaches your cup with authentic flavor, zero additives, and all the health benefits of natural coffee.

In order to Conserve the Environment and achieve our Goal:

  • Our coffee plants are provided with the nutrition of naturally decomposing fruits, flowers, wood and seeds from different species of trees.
  • We do not cut down trees to reap a bigger and more profitable harvest.
  • We utilize native species of coffee plants, which originally gave Tarrazu its fame for taste and quality.
  • In order to protect our plants we have underground fires on our fields and we utilize natural carbon ash if our plants are infected by pests.
  • We refrain from utilizing toxic chemical pesticides or fertilizers.
  • We do not employ wasteful separation systems or washed processing.
  • Our coffee is dried naturally under direct sunlight. The process involves moving the coffee on mesh beds for 16 days. We do not utilize energy-consuming heavy machinery to quickly process coffee in bulk quantities, which often leads to toxic waste at the source and a recipe of additives for flavor, color, and consistency.

We believe that environmentally responsible practices not only reduces waste and toxins, but also makes a significant difference to our local ecosystem, communities, and our bodies. We sincerely thank you for supporting the movement of Café Corazon and helping us grow conscious environmental and social practices.

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